Hinomigama Bowl

Hinomingama Pottery

From the beginning, we’ve created ‘Bowls for Comfortable Living.’

Shigaraki Ware is born of hard soil fired in high temperature, wood-fueled kilns. Our passion is to create vibrant products especially geared for women.

They are simple and easy to use.

They pair well with delicious food.

Shigaraki Ware has distinctive characteristics, in a heritage that has been passed along for generations. Our craftspeople create this pottery with love and care. Our bowls look great on dining tables and make wonderful gifts for the special people in your life.

Our hands unite us.

From formless earth, human hands create beautiful bowl-shaped forms, glaze them with color, and fire them in kilns.

Human hands put delicious food into bowls and place them on dining tables with warmth and hospitality.

Passion and creation intertwine to warm people’s hearts. That aura permeates Hinomigama bowls.

Our bowls are a perfect way to lavish hospitality onto the friends and family gathered at your table.

Company Profile

Name Limited Liability Company Hinomigama
President Fujito Matsuo
Established September in 1988
Address 981-8 Shigarakichoeda, Koka, Shiga
529-1811 Japan
TEL (0748) 82-3691
FAX (0748) 82-3692
E-mail info@hinomigama.com
Main Products Japanese style tableware, vases, home decorating objects, flower pots etc.